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Come have fun with us, and paint to your hearts content! During your two hour event at Café Pottery, be ready for a lasting experience that you can come back to and have over and over again.  We provide everything you will need, and all you need to bring is yourself, and all your friends. From the glazes (paints), brushes, and aprons, to the stencils, stamps, and place mats with printed paintings on them, we cover all the bases to get you inspired and creating an artpiece completely unique to you.

The way it works is; one of Café Pottery’s event holders shows up an hour early to prepare for your arrival. We set up our own speaker system and play great music to create a fun environment. The Host will encourage your fun over the speaker throughout the night at various points, like the 10 minute break we take at the end of the first hour.

After a night of drinking and having fun, why try to take a delicate piece of pottery home? Anyways, we still need to take it back to a kiln and ‘fire’ it once more to finish it, and make it all shiny. After that, Café Pottery wraps it up nice and neat, and ships it right to your front door! Then it’s like getting a little gift in the mail (that you sent to yourself!).

It’s easy to find an event, just go to our events calendar and search for an event near you! You can search by City, Date, or Restaurant you would like to attend. Purchase your tickets right off our website. Also remember, you get to choose how much you want to spend by choosing your own pottery piece. Prices range from $15 to $100 with an additional flat rate $10 S/H fee.

Does Café Pottery sound like an events company you want to be a part of? Who we are looking for are people who consider themselves the ‘Life of the Party’ or know how to pay compliments extremely well to others. Also, you need to be willing to put some hard work in. Still sound like the job for you? Email us (link).